Get one minute in the spotlight and increase the chance of getting your dream job with CVOOM video recruitment app

    Now you can easily record your video CV using the CVOOM app. The film will highlight aspects of you that a traditional resume can not produce; enthusiasm, personality and energy. Strengthen your chances of getting your dream job! Download CVOOM today.

    This is how it works!


    You will have to answer three questions. The app contains lots of tips for creating the best movie possible. When you feel satisfied, a one-minute move is created that you can attach when you apply for your next job.

    What are the benefits?

    A picture says more than 1000 words. A video clip probably says more. For both you as a jobseeker and you as an employer, you will quickly get a clear picture of who is looking for the job. It is difficult to reflect who you are in a traditional CV. Many job seekers may not have the perfect match, but if they had only been given a minute in the spotlight, they might have taken the employer by storm. The solution is CVOOM.

    So… what are you waiting for?

    Record your movie today. Attach it via email, Facebook, LinkedIn or add it as a link to a friend who can give you some feedback. The possibilities are endless. Start CVOOM:ing!